6-29-14 Pineapple cores and what to do with them

What do you do with those pesky pineapple cores? Well how about infuse them with vodka? Of course you are going to have to throw the cores away sooner or later…have you ever tried to eat a pineapple core? It’s like a stringy mess. I decided to put them in my glass food containers having no jars to speak of…and here they are! They will soak a few days until the weekend hits and then…yay pineapple vodka! I could soak the real yummy fruity edible bits but that would make the vodka hazy, not to mention we will eat all the fruit  by smothering them with Li Hing Mui (a local salty plum powder).      




I thought, hey, why not add some fancy ingredients to the pineapple vodka…like Kaffir Lime? We have a tree growing in our backyard…behold:




A bunch of pretty Kaffir Limes. There’s actually a bunch more and more flowering. I didn’t know they could get so pendulous with a buncha fruit. When we bought the tree at Lowe’s, it said “Dwaft Kaffir Lime”….don’t think so! This puppy is getting really big and tall.

Here’s a pic of more flowers and tiny fruit:

















Kaffir Lime can be over powering so for now, I’ll keep the pineapple cores lightly infusing in the vodka and use it this weekend only for an accent. If I want to get heavy-handed I may add Kaffir Lime rind or leaves to the vodka. 

I’m thinking of some simple syrups to make this month:

– rosemary

– kaffir limes

– lemon grass

– hot chilis

A hot chili simple syrup with pineapple vodka and Margarita mix and Li Hing Mui rimmed glass sounds fab right about now!