02.16.13 Cardinals are very very smart


We have two red headed, or red crested cardinals that hang out in our neighborhood. Every day, around 5 PM, they perch on our garden wall and start singing beautiful songs (or at least I think that is what they are doing – they may be cussing in cardinal). The songs get my attention and I go out and throw my parrot’s uneaten food on the ground. The two red crested cardinals come swooping down, followed by two black bulbuls and two mynah birds. I don’t know what it is with these birdie couples, but they come daily.

Yesterday I forgot to feed the birdies. One of the cardinals flies and lands across the street from where I was standing, dropping a piece of something on the sidewalk and picking it up in his beak. He repeated this dropping of the food on the ground about 8 times; a serious hint to feed him! He kept dropping it down, slamming it back onto the sidewalk, picking it back up and slamming it back down – up down up down up down. It was hilarious. I was on my way out the door for a late afternoon run, so I couldn’t feed him.

The two cardinals have actually been brave enough to come into my garage  once when I was late feeding them – and I was in the garage! Brave…or stupid. Most times the cardinals just sing or make loud noises; sometimes one of them would somehow know I was in the bedroom, land on our Arabian Jasmine tree and sing his butt off. I have no idea how he knows I am in the bedroom.


1.30.12 Crazy Nastyarse Honey Badger

The computer is freed up a lot lately now that I have dumped Facebook, which means I have a new routine of introducing our 8-yr old to a new animal every night before bed time. In the past it was bed time stories but as the kiddo gets older, its Youtube videos of new animals every night. I try to link the animal with a continent so the kiddo can actually learn something, plus, I get to learn geography myself (shamefully, I must add).

Tonight the animal of the day was the Honey Badger, so I clicked on the Youtube video below (warning = bad language for kids…found out after watching it for a few seconds, but it was HILARIOUS after the kid went to bed):

Here’s the kid-friendly version on Youtube:

Now I kind of wish I was back on Facebook…I could share this with all my friends…they would be the type to approve/like this sort of stuff 😦