1.28.12 – Facebook? What Facebook?

Lost track of how many days its been without Fakebook but thats OK because I’ve been busy. I still waste a lot of time on the ‘net but at least I am learning things like how to drag a lampshade out of the bottom of a pond and re-use it as seen here:

Yes, you can recycle *anything*

Or how to make a cupcake Christmas tree ornament from drywall compound and insulation foam:

Fake Cupcakes

Originally I found this page through a Pinterest link on how to make a neat-looking Halloween Wreath:

Creepy Halloween Wreath

One page lead to another and hours later I decided to get off my bum. I know why this is different from Facebook…I am not dealing with people. Or emotions. Or having to pretend that I am pretty and skinny and younger looking than I really am.

I still think about re-adding Facebook every single day. It still feels odd not to post everything and anything and have people “like” your post or add comments to either encourage you or annoy the crap out of you’ maybe that’s why its so addicting, people “like” your post and validate your likes, dislikes or status…it’s instant gratification knowing others out there approve of what you are saying.

Me, I’ll stick to lampshades stuck in ponds, fake cupcakes and scary Halloween wreaths.