Feb 1, 2012 Dragging

OK so I did trash Facebook but still find myself spending inordinate amounts of time online…like Pinterest, but I have to say (rationalize) that I am actually learning something, like crocheting and preparing really cute Super Bowl foods for this weekend.

I re-read my post about the Horrible Boss and felt a bit bad…yes, she’s all that, but posting such drivel was a negative thing but it sure felt to get that off my chest! I can’t be all perfect all the time, and if I did, I would go crazy. I can’t go cold turkey after all.

Woke up a bit late for work and sped like a friggin banshee down the freeway because if we are just a teeny tiny bit late, we get written up…so anyway…get to work and the time clock is BROKEN! How great is that? The only problem now is making sure my boss turns in our miss time punch paperwork on time…sometimes she “loses” things and we lose out on…oh…one whole day’s worth of pay. No biggie. I can afford to lose a WHOLE day’s worth of pay. I’ll just eat the lint out of my dryer to make up for the difference in lost pay.

What did I do positive today? I did the best I could at work without complaining, came home and did a bunch more chores and here I am, ready for bed and ready to do it all again tomorrow…rinse, repeat.


1.30.12 Crazy Nastyarse Honey Badger

The computer is freed up a lot lately now that I have dumped Facebook, which means I have a new routine of introducing our 8-yr old to a new animal every night before bed time. In the past it was bed time stories but as the kiddo gets older, its Youtube videos of new animals every night. I try to link the animal with a continent so the kiddo can actually learn something, plus, I get to learn geography myself (shamefully, I must add).

Tonight the animal of the day was the Honey Badger, so I clicked on the Youtube video below (warning = bad language for kids…found out after watching it for a few seconds, but it was HILARIOUS after the kid went to bed):

Here’s the kid-friendly version on Youtube:

Now I kind of wish I was back on Facebook…I could share this with all my friends…they would be the type to approve/like this sort of stuff 😦

1.28.12 – Facebook? What Facebook?

Lost track of how many days its been without Fakebook but thats OK because I’ve been busy. I still waste a lot of time on the ‘net but at least I am learning things like how to drag a lampshade out of the bottom of a pond and re-use it as seen here:

Yes, you can recycle *anything*

Or how to make a cupcake Christmas tree ornament from drywall compound and insulation foam:

Fake Cupcakes

Originally I found this page through a Pinterest link on how to make a neat-looking Halloween Wreath:

Creepy Halloween Wreath

One page lead to another and hours later I decided to get off my bum. I know why this is different from Facebook…I am not dealing with people. Or emotions. Or having to pretend that I am pretty and skinny and younger looking than I really am.

I still think about re-adding Facebook every single day. It still feels odd not to post everything and anything and have people “like” your post or add comments to either encourage you or annoy the crap out of you’ maybe that’s why its so addicting, people “like” your post and validate your likes, dislikes or status…it’s instant gratification knowing others out there approve of what you are saying.

Me, I’ll stick to lampshades stuck in ponds, fake cupcakes and scary Halloween wreaths.