Basil + Pudding = Basil Pudding

Who: local girl in a local area surrounded by locality.

Astro sign: Pisces with a Sag Moon and Leo Rising. A Fire fish.

Interests: too many to mention.

Blog:  Originally I started this blog to bitch about things that were bothering me until I decided to use it for deconstructing myself.  Why not tear myself apart this year?

How the hell did I come to this conclusion? What socked me over the head after umpteen decades? How the hell did I wake up? Not sure..but I am not going to keep questioning incessantly as I’ve been prone to doing in the past. I am just glad that it happened.

Will I regret this decision to change my inner nature/attitude from dusk to dawn this year? Will it really change me as a person when 2013 rolls around? Will being an Optimist help me during the year 2012 when every year before that sucked? Will I feel better or worse that I am actually trying to re-wire my very nature and stepping out of my comfort zone? Has anyone else changed their nature by sheer will? And please don’t point me to self-help books either.

Not:  its not like losing weight where you can measure things in pounds, objectively. Or a dress size. How do you measure your brain? Your attitude? It’s all so subjective but I am willing to give it a try but it will take a lot of work and that’s no exaggeration.


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