6-23-14 The Cardinal Flew Into Our House

Years later, here I am, still writing about the Red Headed Cardinal!

Welll…yesterday, which was a Sunday, the red headed Cardinal was not only satisfied by chirping outside on the wall after I fed him my parrot’s leftover fruit pellets but he ACTUALLY FLEW INTO THE HOUSE by way of the garage door, which was only cracked open about two to three inches – and get this, the garage is on the opposite side of the house…now how the hell did he know to come into the house, then walk all the way over to my parrot’s cage and try to steal some food? 


My son screamed bloody murder (he’s ten) when he saw this strange bird in our home. I promptly swooped down on it, tried to catch it before it flew into our other bedrooms and it made a mad dash for our kitchen windowsill. The bird, shall I call him “Werd”? flew into the frosted glass window repeatedly, bashing his beak against the glass…dumb bird!! It took about six or seven tries before I grabbed a dish cloth, threw it over the cardinal and ran over to the sliding glass door to let him out. Werd flew out of the dishcloth like a bird bat out of hell, into the sunset.


But come to think of it, Werd is not very dumb. He’s smart. Think about it. How many birds do this:

1. call for you daily with the same song

2. swoop down in the yard when I am gardening when he sees me

3. motions that he is hungry (i.e. last year he threw down the fake worm, read about it….)

4. comes INTO the garage, figuring out that part of the house is the same one attached to where the human is (me), who feeds him occasionally

5. Walks over to the humans (us) and the parrot (his benefactor) and knows where we are in the house??? The house is not large, nor is it small either, it’s a 1800 square foot house…how did Werd know where to walk? Maybe due to the fact that the garage is a straight shot to the main living area and he heard us??

The only stupid thing was bashing head against kitchen window (frosted glass).

Now here it is again, Monday, 6-23-14. Werd came back for more food…singing on the wall and calling for me. I threw him my parrot’s food and he dive bombs the food, eats it, and flies away. Crazy ass bird. 


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