1.23.12 – Day 3 – Any coincidence that Facebook disappeared?

Yesterday I get a call from someone I have not heard from in over five years. She was calling because she wanted to get my feedback on some recent emails she’s been sending me. It blew my mind because here she is, five years later…calling me! I don’t even remember giving her my phone number. I wonder if my busy “aura” and frantic online craziness prevented people from reaching out to me because they knew I’d be too busy. Interestingly enough, the woman who called me is deeply spiritual and picks up on people’s energies. I met her over five years ago as a role of a healer to her physical needs and here she was, calling me after all this time.

I am not religious, but it seems like more and more messages are sent to me in some form or another; through people who attend church regularly, through people who say they are praying for me, and my stumbling upon a lot of blogs who have positive messages to share with quotes from the bible. It’s enlightening and uplifting. I am not sure I can commit at this time in my life but I can sure appreciate all the positive words and encouragement.

I spent extra time with my son today. I didn’t snap at him because I was eager to get back online. I hugged him, laughed with him, let him listen to some nice family songs I grew up with and showed him a google image of a ‘narwhal’ to which he laughed and laughed. He could not believe there was such a thing as a “whale unicorn”.  I am only using the computer as this medium and as tool to teach now…not to be a slave to it and get into arguments with  people from opposing political views or becoming upset over gifts not returned in a virtual game.

Don’t get me wrong. I still fantasize daily about re-opening my account to go back and add some close friends but on the upside, I actually called a friend via phone and left a voice mail vs plastering information on his wall.

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