1.22.12 Day 2 – Life After Facebook

Originally this blog started out by trying to be more positive. I guess Facebook was not a positive thing since I’ve thrown it out…yesterday. After I hit “delete” I felt lonely but I got busy. I have a ton of crap to do around the house. I have to stop thinking of my anxiety and whether I wanted to go back to FB and open up my account again. I felt like I amputated part of my body, and I felt sad.

I snapped photo projects of things i wanted to get done around the house. Messy parts of our home I’ve neglected in order to chat with friends and buy virtual horses and trees. I took a lot of pictures but I won’t post them until I’ve actually cleaned up. I won’t post the before pictures without the after. I’ve been known to set deadlines on myself and I procrastinate so bad that I feel crappy that I haven’t done them so I won’t do them and it snowballs into a ball of unfinished things I feel bad I didn’t do.

These projects were actually done yesterday, so technically its Day One projects…I had to keep busy because if I didn’t I would start to become anxious.

Messy Drawer – This drawer was a mess for years but I’ve always grabbed what I needed out of it and crammed it shut again. I was too lazy to take the time to clear it out. I finally straightened it out and the total time I spent throwing out old junk and straightening stuff out was a whopping 17 minutes.

Messy Drawer – After! I actually took the time to fold all the plastic grocery bags into triangles so they didn’t take up too much space.

The Spice Cabinet – Before clean up. Stuff piled up all over each other. Old bags of dried chili peppers I’ve kept for years and never used.

The Spice Cabinet – After….it took me 52 minutes to clean this out! Now I know where everything is….and I really have to stop buying so many bottles of furikake. I hoard stuff and forget I already had a bunch and buy more because I didn’t know I already had it.

I have other plans this year too, which is to eat and use up all canned stuff and cake mixes and frosting and jello and pudding before I go and buy more. I keep forgetting what I already have and with the cost of food going up like crazy I’ve gotta be more diligent in keeping track of what we have….should be easy, now that Facebook is not consuming my waking hours.

4 thoughts on “1.22.12 Day 2 – Life After Facebook

  1. Nice! I have to say I suffer from the can’t find it so I buy more problem too!
    I have tried each day to pick something, even if its just for 5 minutes, to get a handle on long over due projects. Thanks too for stopping by my blog.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and the wonderful comments. I’m trying very hard and I love your
    5-minute a day idea….found that I spent an extra five minutes with my son today and I wasn’t at all rushed to get back to gaming online 🙂

  3. “I procrastinate so bad that I feel crappy that I haven’t done them so I won’t do them and it snowballs into a ball of unfinished things I feel bad I didn’t do.”

    This. OMG. I know exactly what you mean. You really meant it when you said you’re going through the same thing. I understand.

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