1.21.12 Day 1 – getting rid of Facebook ARGH!!!

I had decided three days ago to trash my Facebook account. I’ve had this account for over 8 years and met a bunch of wonderful people and kept in touch with friends; but I have also spent hundreds and possibly thousands of hours playing on-line games over the years, not to mention spending hundreds of dollars on virtual plants, virtual houses, virtual animals. It was taking a toll on my family and the house was a wreck. I gained more weight than I wanted. I found myself snapping at my son when he’d interrupt my arguments with people online. I found myself tossing and turning in bed thinking of remarks I’d say to people who would flame me on boards.

I figured it was OK if I didn’t play the games and just hang out on the site and see what everyone was up to but that didnt work either…almost four hours later I got off the computer with nothing learned, nothing gained except wasted time and feeling shitty again.

My husband (and interestingly enough one of my dear Facebook friends) said: “if you kicked the cigarette habit, you can kick anything” which is true. Chemical addictions, psychological addictions…I’ve been an addict my whole life of sorts, mainly to gaming, on-line interactions and yes, even running.

The running addiction was at least healthy. Facebook addiction is unhealthy. Any addiction in unhealthy but I have to be addicted to something it seems to make things worthwhile. I guess I’m just a passionate person.

Past Internet addictions I’ve kicked: MySpace, World of Warcraft (WoW), Second Life and Kingory. When I trashed MySpace and Second Life, I cried for days. It was that bad. I just replaced it with Facebook, so now Facebook’s gotta go.

So HELP!! These next few days/weeks will be pretty rough. I haven’t hit the DELETE ACCOUNT button yet but it’s scheduled for tonight/tomorrow. No turning back.


UPDATE: as of 4:15 PM somewhere in the Pacific on this date I have deleted both my Facebook accounts (yes, both..that’s how bad it was). I feel strangely odd yet relieved. But also panicking. What the HELL have I done?

2 thoughts on “1.21.12 Day 1 – getting rid of Facebook ARGH!!!

  1. Love your transparency! And the addiction thing I know so well. Kudos to you for closing down your Facebook account. Jesus wisely tells us if out hand causes us to sin, cut it off! I am praying for your resolve!

  2. Thank you Macki, its been hard. Everyday I think of temptation and squash it out of my head. I see this as a temporary discomfort for a long-term gain. Thank you so much for stopping by! I am still learning how to use WordPress and so far it’s been a helpful way to provide self-affirmation as well as share and reach out to others who may be going through the same things. Aloha from Hawaii!

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