1.8.12 mental chatter

Q: Light bulb went off while driving: why do I make myself so unhappy sometimes?

A: Too much mental chatter.

Tried to clear my brain, totally and completely while driving…it was possible for less than 5 minutes but I was able to do it. Mental chatter kicks in after a while and its subconscious: what am I going to make for dinner? How is my friend doing? Where am I going to park once I get there? How am I going to get home from the mall? What am I going to buy? blah blah….Trivial stuff is OK but when it comes to guilt, regrets or unhappy thoughts like going back to work on Monday, my shoulders become heavy and it actually makes me slouch.

I counter-acted the slouching with upright posture and cleared out my head. If a negative image or thought kicked in, I replaced it with a pretty thought or a guided image of something nice.

Fresh start, so far so good 🙂

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