Unbecoming Myself

The Yearly Vintage

2010 – very bad.

2011 – unstable and kind of bad.

2012 – It’s going to be great!! Although it just started, and kind of weirdly I must say, I am going to finally change what makes a good and bad year; things out of my control I can’t change like bad bosses, disgruntled co-workers, oppressive work environment and bodily injury acquired on-the-job but I’ve decided to TRY something different.  I am going to be a OPTIMIST for the first time in my life! This will be a trying task as I’ve always been a “half glass full” kind of person…although I have never seen anything wrong with a glass-half-full mentality.

I kept thinking how I can change my life for the better and I am not sure optimism is the way to go…no wait…how can I say that??? It IS better (sigh my old me kicking me back into comfort mode).

It’s not comfortable to be outside my very nature. It doesn’t feel natural to delve outside of what I’ve lived with so long, which is (was) a realistic (darker) view of life. So I am going to do it. This blog will hopefully be updated for a whole year, that is my intention. I want to chronicle my journey through my change, if I can make it (yes I will). The only problem is with my commitment to a long-term project, sometimes I fail at upkeep. I lose interest. I get bored with my own ranting.

I’ll basically change my entire nature this year. I want to see if it can be done. Maybe I’ll even re-wire my brain and that will help with my emotional health. It’s an experiment that can’t hurt and maybe I’ll even learn something from it.

Wish me luck on this strange journey of me un-becoming myself.

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